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Quotes From Satisfied Clients

“As a creator of advertising campaigns, copywriter, and producer, he is
excellent, and does the first-rate work of a perfectionist.  His repertoire of
delivery styles and character voices is seemingly endless.”

--Ross Reagan, V.P./ General Manager KMGC

“Your style and versatility has made the difference between a good promo and
a great promo, and I am truly convinced that we wouldn’t have received the
Emmy recognition and awards we’ve gotten over the past few years without your
major league contribution.”
--Bob Dickinson,On-Air Promotion Manager, WB33

“From your award winning “Loves of Picard” French accent to the comedic
voiceover on “Seinfeld Rules”, your voice, creativity and professionalism have
improved the quality of my promo’s time and again.  Your contributions have been
an invaluable asset to me, and a tremendous resource for getting FOX 40’s
message through all the clutter and out to the community.”  

--Ari Pitchenik, Promotion Writer/Producer, Fox 40

“Bruce’s talent is a gift.  But there are many talented people.  What
separates Bruce is his own commitment to his craft and his willingness to give
something another shot when most everyone else would have gone home.”   

--Richard Lee, News Director, KQLH

“In this business, so many things are important to success:  making deadline,
quality production, and attention to the details.  In all our dealings, you
have never failed us in any of these areas.  In fact, you have helped us be
better with your creative suggestions and excellent ability to think on your

--Susan Moyers, President, Media Development

“It has bee a pleasure to work with someone of Mr. Bonnheim’s caliber.  He
has proven to be a true professional, dedicated to quality.” 

--Marjorie Pettus, Town Center Manager, City of Redlands

“From Pizza to video rentals to department stores, Bruce’s attention to
detail, quality voice delivery, and timeliness has been first-rate, and his
enthusiasm to please our clients has remained high.”  

--Craig Van Amburgh, President, Womack Kleypas Advertising Network

“Bruce is a very versatile air personality, and when a commercial or spec is
“created”, the end result is always a pleasant surprise.  He takes pride in
his work, and it shows.”
--Helen Jones, National Sales Manager, K-Ocean

“At all times the staff and myself find your work to be of the highest
caliber.  You truly have a gift for turning a white page filled with black words
into a living, breathing, colorful picture.  In each case where you have done our
production, the spots have created results and very happy customers.” 

--Rett Evans, General Manager, WQXB

“Your imagination, quick turn around time, excellent voice talent and
professionalism has been a joy to work with.”  

--Terri Relf, Marketing Director, Inland Center

Having received yet another commendation from a client on the superior
quality of “his spot”, I thought it was time to give credit where credit was due: 
your production has been outstanding; certainly the best I have witnessed at
MAGIC, and as you know, I’ve been exposed to KMGC-FM one way or another for
over ten years.” 

--Jan Jenkins, Top Producing Sales Rep. KMGC

“Your spec spots have been innovative, imaginative and have played a key part
in closing many new accounts on the station.  Equally important, your spot
production quality has helped keep these accounts on the air with measurable
audience response.”

--Bill Gebeau, Sales Rep, KQLH

All letters are on file and copies are available upon request

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